Himalayan Salt Benefits

Salt of the Heavens?

Himalayan Salt Benefits

Salt of the Heavens?

By Steven Goodemote Google+

Himalayan salt, as the name suggests is derived from the tall peaks of Asia, which by default implies a rarity and purity that can be found nowhere else. However, it’s no longer necessary to travel all the way to the mystic mountains or scale any of the peaks that reach the heavens since it is now available on amazon. Since ancient times the Himalayan salt was used for medicinal purposes, it was so valuable it was used as part of the currency system. This Himalayan salt is the pure and potent form of salt because of which it has a characteristic Pink color. Table salt when compared to Himalayan salt is not as beneficial as they are manufactured commercially. The important elements and minerals in sea salt are removed during the production of the salt. Here are few healthy substances that the ancients found in Himalayan salts and why you should include them as part of your diet.

Detox Agent

The average human being is supposed to contain 60-70% water in their body, water is the medium that removes all the unhealthy substances in the body, but it is the salt that acts as a carrier. This Himalayan salt is very effective in carrying toxins out of the body. This salt helps remove acidic wastes in the body which in turn prevents the skin from aging.

Mineral Rich

Since the salt is found high up in the mountains in selective places and in a relatively cleaner environment, the salt by itself is pure when compared to the sea salt. Himalayan salt contains over 80 elements and minerals; these contribute greatly to the functioning of the body. Some of the Minerals include calcium, potassium, bromide, borate and fluoride.

These minerals help hydrate the body hence prevent muscle cramping, regulate water content, assist in the metabolism and circulation in the body.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Himalayan salt improve blood circulation around the body which results in the lowering of blood pressure. It is absorbed effectively into the bloodstream and it carries the toxins out of the body. The salt is capable of bringing stress levels down; it helps relax the mind and body. Those consuming Himalayan salt would be lot more relaxed and will be able to sleep better.

Improves Brain Function

Consuming Himalayan salts aid in better blood circulation around the body, this improves the working of the vital organs, especially the brain. You might find you have more mental clarity and you think of positive uplifting thoughts after eating this Himalayan Salt..


The minerals in the Himalayan salts can be put to use while bathing, the numerous minerals in the salt will help give a gleam to the skin.  This replenishes the body of all the minerals that it would have lost while sweating.

Salt which is used on a daily basis can contribute greatly to the wellbeing of a person. Choosing the right salt would help you maintain a physically healthy but also mentally healthy. Procuring this Himalayan salt is easy as it is available in Amazon. It might not be popular enough to be sold at supermarkets and groceries, but it can be delivered to your place if you order the Himalayan salt from Amazon.