Krontje Cinnamon

Cinnamon's Value

Korintje Cinnamon

Cinnamon’s Value

By Steven Goodemote Google+

Cinnamon is considered one of the oldest spices in the world; it has been used for millennia as a medicine and also as flavor in foods. The spice was very popular since ancient times, it was considered very valuable, so much so that it was presented to monarchs and Gods as a gift. Korintje Cinnamon and other types of cinnamon have anti-bacterial properties; hence it was used to preserve food in ancient times. There are close to hundred types of cinnamon but only four of those are used for commercial purposes, namely the Ceylon cinnamon, Cassia cinnamon, Saigon cinnamon and the Korintje cinnamon. The last three of those are grouped together as Cassia cinnamon as they are very similar with slight changes.

The Cassia Cinnamon or the Korintje cinnamon has a high Coumarian content. Cinnamon is quite a popular spice and can be purchased in a variety of places. If you are looking for a particular type of cinnamon however, your best bet would be to order it off amazon where you get to choose between a large varieties of cinnamon types.

Controls Blood sugar

Studies show that Krontje Cinnamon has been able to control sugar level better when compared with equal amounts of Ceylon Cinnamon. It can reduce sugar levels as the cinnamon empties the stomach slowly after eating.

Anti-oxidant, Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal Properties

Free radical formation is associated with the development of cancer in the body, cinnamon helps prevent the formation of these free radicals thanks to its anti-oxidant properties.

Cinnamon is a powerful anti-bacterial, hence it can aid greatly in curing stomach bugs. Cinnamon tea during a stomach bug can make it disappear.  In addition, it aids digestion and reduces the bloating. So, some Korintje cinnamon as part of your diet will solve all the problems related to digestion.

Moreover, the anti-bacterial property prevents tooth decay and makes sure harmful bacteria does not harm the gums. Sore throats and dry cough can be cured by a glass of cinnamon tea by greatly boosting blood circulation, therefore supporting the body to fight the illness. Cinnamon has anti-bacterial properties which can also be used to disinfect the sinks, kitchen tops, tables etc by diluting the cinnamon with some water.

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Athletes who contract fungus in the toenails can soak their feet in a mixture of water and cinnamon oil, repeating the process for a few days guarantees positive results.

Reduces Weight

The Krontje cinnamon improves blood circulation by thinning blood, increasing the blood flow greatly boosts the metabolism of the body, which in turn reduces weight. Thinning the blood helps anti-clot agents which prevents heart diseases. Too much Cassia Cinnamon as mentioned before can cause liver damage.

Rich in nutrients and Minerals

Korintje Cinnamon or any other type of cinnamon contains Manganese, Iron and Calcium, which builds bone structure and metabolism.  Manganese is supposed to aid in suppressing the effects of PMS, hence women with PMS would do their body good consuming the right amounts of Krontje cinnamon.

There is wide research carried out to prove the medicinal properties of cinnamon. It has shown that cinnamon can prevent deadly diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Also it can help in fighting depression and aids in improving your mood. So if you are convinced, just click yourself to Amazon and order the kind of cinnamon that best suits your needs.